Wednesday, June 20, 2012

City to implement Inspection Program for Drinking Water Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention

(Oshkosh, WI.) The City of Oshkosh Department of Public Works / Water Utility Division in conjunction with the Department of Community Development / Inspection Services Division are implementing an expanded drinking water cross connection and backflow prevention inspection program. These inspections are required to keep the drinking water system safe from contaminants and in concert with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Code 810.15 updates on Drinking Water and Backflow Prevention
Inspection requirements.

The Water Utility has contracted with Hydro Designs Inc. (HDI) from New Berlin, WI, to manage the program. At this time the inspections to be performed by HDI will be focused on industrial, commercial and governmental facilities. Letters will be sent out notifying facilities of the upcoming inspection with HDI contact information to allow for scheduling the inspection of each property.

The inspections will look for the possible improper connection of the potable (drinking) water system to a contamination source. These connections could allow a pollutant to be drawn into the drinking water system of a property and also into the public watermains.

Examples of typical cross connections can include boilers, cooling towers, chemical dispensers, beverage dispensers, dishwashers, soap dispensers, laundry sinks and hose faucets.

For residential properties, the inspection program will consist of an informational brochure being mailed out citywide. The brochure will provide information on how a property owner can identify and correct the most commonly found residential drinking water cross connections. For more information on this program please contact City of Oshkosh Plumbing Inspector, Jerry Fabisch at (920) 236-5052.


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