Saturday, July 07, 2012

Unveiling of the Oregon Street Bridge Lights

Oshkosh Community Friends and Leaders-

Please join us next week Wednesday Night for a rare and exciting event...the unveiling of the Oregon Street Bridge Lights!

The installation of the new multi-color LED lights looks similar to the Main Street bridge lights with more fixtures, more light, (with half the electricity)!  The look is enhanced by the vertical ribs in the Oregon Street bridge structure. After enjoying
the jazz orgy with New Orleans favorites Alex McMurray and members of the Tin Men we’ll gather in the outdoor area at Becket’s for some brief comments and lighting ceremony.

Donations will be happily accepted with pledge cards available for the Bridge Lighting Maintenance Fund and for the next logical phase of the project...the Oshkosh Ave Bridge!

THANK YOU to all who have supported this project and have made it a reality.

Please forward this invitation to anyone you feel would be interested:
Hope to see you all there!

Jeremy Monnett
Sonex Aircraft, LLC


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