Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Where is Susan Happ and What Would She Do as Attorney General?

[Note: At Eye on Oshkosh, we received the following press release from the Schimel campaign and felt it was worth publishing, especially in light of the fact that the Happ campaign failed to get back to our numerous attempts to have her on the show. Incidentally, we also didn't hear back from the Grothman campaign, and had a rather nasty experience with Joe Zapecki, the spokesman for the Mary Burke campaign. As far as Happ and Burke go, I have usually sided with Democrats in campaigns because I tend to more deeply connect to their issues. But when we have candidates who run from the press, or worse yet, don't even have the courtesy to be grateful for the opportunity you're offering them, I have to question that. I still don't know what to do about the Burke campaign because I think Walker is just plain wrong for Wisconsin, but Schimel has my support, and vote, for Attorney General, just as Mark Harris has vote Congress.]

For Immediate Release: September 24, 2014
Contact: Johnny Koremenos 262.955.8981
Where is Susan Happ and What Would She Do as Attorney General?
Only Brad Schimel Has Outlined Plans, Happ Ducks Press and Voters
Brad Schimel is running for Wisconsin attorney general on the issues that matter and Susan Happ is apparently waiting for her special interest allies to save her candidacy.
"Tuesday was a microcosm of this entire race," said Schimel campaign manager Johnny Koremenos. "Both candidates went to La Crosse. Brad Schimel went to the UW-L campus and outlined a plan to prevent, confront and combat violence against women. While Susan Happ spoke before a special interest group, promising not to defend state law."
Law Enforcement's choice, Brad Schimel, is leading the way in the race for attorney general, relying on his life as a front line prosecutor to develop plans to tackle the major public safety issues facing Wisconsin. Activist Susan Happ is hiding, hoping her special interest friends provide her cover.
Eighty-nine elected law enforcement leaders, including nine Democratic sheriffs and district attorneys are backing Brad Schimel because they know he'll put public safety ahead of politics. Susan Happ lacks bipartisan support and has promised special interest groups she wouldn't defend many state laws like those on Voter ID and even the Act 10 labor reforms.
Brad Schimel has outlined detailed plans on:
·       Heroin
·       Human trafficking
·       Violence against women
·       Internet crimes against kids (ICAC)
·       Reforming the State Hygiene Lab, and improving the way the state tests for drugged driving.  
The campaign promises more to come. Meanwhile, Susan Happ has been evading the press and the public, and recently broke her promise to release a list of debates in which she'd participate.
"Brad Schimel is running a positive, issues-based campaign on the public safety issues that matter," said Koremenos. "Susan Happ appears to be laying low, biding her time until her special interest group friends descend onto Wisconsin airwaves to attack Brad Schimel?
“Is she hiding from the press' growing list of questions about her record? Is she outsourcing her campaign to the outside interest groups? Or both?
"Look at and and you'll see only Brad Schimel respects the voters enough to address the issues that concern them," said Koremenos. "Happ hides and hopes. She refuses to answer questions about her record and she hopes third party groups come in to save her. Maybe that's why she's promising not to defend certain state laws?"
Schimel is also endorsed by the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, current Attorney General JB Van Hollen, the Wisconsin Troopers Association, the Milwaukee Police Association, and the Wisconsin Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police. 


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