Monday, January 31, 2005

Comments and opinions

In the past several days we have seen a flurry of comments being posted both on this site and the Oshkosh Community News blog site where people have begun getting really nasty with their comments. It has quickly plummetted from a difference of opinion on whether a candidate who CHOSE not to return a phone call to appear on Eye on Oshkosh and therefore did not have her answers to several position statements represented in a candidate chart to just an ugly, mean-spirited name-calling verbal fisticuffs. And it must end.

Things on the OCNN site got completely out of hand and I was dismayed to see how quickly the discussion disintegrated. I think people can have spirited debate and respectfully disagree without some of the things we have seen develop since last Thursday afternoon.

I also understand why some people would want to remain anonymous. But to hide behind a shroud of anonymity only to make some of the accusations we've seen of late is shameful.

I am not going to allow this web site - interactive as it may be - to get to the point OCNN's did in the past few days. I may be a candidate in the race for Oshkosh Common Council, and yes, there is a lot at stake in this election and some of us candidates disagree vehemently with one another. But I have strived from the beginning of the campaign to keep the race as fair as possible, and I will continue to do so. If I see things on Eye on Oshkosh's web site getting to the point they did on OCNN I will go in as one of the site adminstrators and delete them. I am not trying to quash anyone's right to free speech, however, I will not allow this site and the benefits it provides to be used as a batterimg ram either.

Again, we can have debate and disagreements, and some may even choose to do so anonymously, but I would ask that people please stick to the point and refrain from letting things become personal. It's one thing to attack someone's politics. That's fair game since this is a political race. But fair game does not include things which are personal and ugly.

I hope you will join me in trying to keep discussion relevant to the political arena and to the point.

Cheryl Hentz
Eye on Oshkosh