Thursday, March 10, 2011

Walker's Republicans Reveal True Agenda

[a press release from Rep. Gordon Hintz...]

Walker's non-fiscal "budget-repair" bill passes - increases health care, pension costs and strips collective bargaining rights for public workers

Madison: In a shocking turn of events yesterday Republicans in the Senate and Assembly stripped the non-fiscal policy agenda proposals out of Governor Walker's "budget-repair" bill. Walker and the Republicans created a new a new stand alone bill that increases health care and pension costs and strips collective bargaining rights for public workers. To get around the rules, a conference committee was convened to jam through this non-fiscal "budget-repair" bill. Then the Senate immediately convened and passed this new bill 18-1 without debate or public hearings. The Wisconsin State assembly convened today and passed this new non-fiscal bill 53 to 42.

"At least Walker's Republicans have finally admitted that the real intent of their "budget-repair" bill was to strip workers of their rights", said Rep. Hintz (D-Oshkosh). "They finally gave up the hoax that this bill deals with the state's fiscal matters. Today Walker's true non-fiscal agenda got pushed through. It took him much conniving, game-playing and backroom dealing, but Walker finally got his way to the detriment of our people."

"Wisconsin was once a shining example of Democracy at work. But in ten short weeks Governor Walker has polarized our state, driven out democracy and told his constituents he will not listen and they have no place at the table," Hintz continued. "One can only imagine what Governor Walker and his national friends, such as the Koch brothers, will try out on our state next. Fasten your seatbelts, as this is just the beginning of our race to the bottom."

Republican Senator Dale Schultz (R-Richland center) voted no on the bill yesterday citing that he was voting with the majority of his constituents. Today Republican Representatives Dean Kaufert (Neenah), Lee Nerison (Westby), Dick Spanbauer (Oshkosh) and Travis Tranel (Cuba City) voted against the bill.


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