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Randy Hopper Changes Story on Role in Mistress’s Cushy State Job

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August 2, 2011 

Randy Hopper Changes Story on Role in Mistress’s Cushy State Job
Hopper initially denied having any involvement whatsoever, now says he was simply helping a friend

OSHKOSH – Forced by public disclosure of emails showing him advising his mistress on how to get a state job, Randy Hopper was made to admit on “Up Front with Mike Gousha” that he did, in fact, offer his assistance. Hopper’s forced admission walks back earlier claims that he had no involvement in her acquisition of a state job at a 35% raise over the previous employee.

During the interview, Hopper said:

“I think it’s common that you would help a friend and talk to her. I think it would have been a story had that e-mail been between myself and someone in the administration. But I think anybody should step up and help their friends, give them advice when they need advice. In no way was it anything illegal….she asked my opinion on something and I gladly gave it to her.’

Given the fact his blanket denials have now been falsified, Hopper’s claim of not contacting the Walker administration seems not to pass the smell test. In recently disclosed emails between Hopper and his girlfriend, Hopper was coaching her on how to correspond with Walker’s chief of staff, Keith Gilkes. Prior to working for Walker, Gilkes was the Executive director of the Committee to Elect a Republican Senate, the umbrella Republican group that recruits and works closely with Republican state senate candidates. The group advises and supports candidates in a variety of ways from fundraising, field work and press relations. Gilkes was executive director in 2008 when Hopper first ran for office. At the very least, Hopper and Gilkes know one another well, and the mere act of dropping Hopper’s name by his mistress was presumably helpful in her hire. Reports show it was Keith Gilkes who recommended Hopper’s mistress for her cushy job.

“Randy Hopper can’t tell the truth about his role in his mistress landing a cushy state job with a 35% pay raise in the midst of a state hiring freeze,” said Kelly Steele, spokesman for We Are Wisconsin. “Perhaps if Randy Hopper spent as much time fighting for job creation in his district as he spends helping ‘a friend’ get on the government payroll, we’d see some real progress in these tough economic times.”


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