Friday, August 05, 2011

Randy Hopper Costs Yet Another State Employee Their Job

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August 5, 2011 

Randy Hopper Costs Yet Another State Employee Their Job
After helping his mistress land a state job at a huge pay raise, even ‘friend’ gets snared by Hopper’s seemingly-toxic relationship with job creation

OSHKOSH - In his seemingly never-ending assault on the middle class and public workers, Randy Hopper has cost another state employee their job. The latest casualty? His lobbyist mistress.

News broke last night that Hopper’s mistress was leaving the cushy state job she landed in the Walker administration. This is the same woman Hopper coached as she applied for the job and was corresponding with Walker chief of staff Keith Gilkes. After this correspondence and being recommended directly by Gilkes for the job, Hopper’s mistress ended up landing a position – in the midst of a so-called hiring freeze – with a 35% salary increase. But Hopper’s job-killing policies have even caught up to his friends.

“Looks like another casualty of Hopper’s job-killing agenda is hitting close to home this time,” said Kelly Steele, spokesman for We Are Wisconsin. “Thanks to Randy Hopper’s toxic influence, his lobbyist mistress will have plenty of time to search for the poverty-level, no-benefit jobs that Hopper and Scott Walker say are being created all over Wisconsin.” 


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