Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Those “crafty,” nasty Republicans are at it again

With many of Wisconsin’s senatorial elections just one short week away and others not far behind, the Republicans and PACs that support the Republican agenda seem desperate to hold onto those Senate seats. According to the following two stories, they are sending out absentee ballots to Democratic voters that contain misleading, false and/or fraudulent information which, according to some reports constitutes mail fraud.
I think these actions speak for themselves, and scream of fear and desperation on the part of those involved. But I especially love the involvement and lies by Julaine Appling’s (executive director of the anti-gay group Wisconsin Family Action). Perhaps the reason this woman is so worried about morality is because her own moral compass seems to be missing in action. I’ll chalk her up to being just another religious hypocrite who thinks laws, fair play and moral standards only apply to others. I wonder what Jesus and the Bible would say about her behavior and that of others like her. Hmm…   


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