Thursday, December 01, 2011

"Reposting" of an earlier story on vehicle breakins

A few months ago we ran a short piece from the Oshkosh Police Department on vehicle break-ins and what people could do about them. Earlier today, someone posted a comment to that story, but because the issue is still a problem, I wanted to refer you to the original story and one from just this week on the Oshkosh Northwestern's web site, which can be found here. If you are are the victim of a crime, see a crime being committed, or want information on how to better protect yourself from becoming a crime victim, please contact the police department at (920) 236-5700.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Early last week they hit the core north side. Here is what they are doing (at least in my area) they have been casing the areas ahead of time, on foot, bike, car. When they do there thing, a car drops individuals off who break into the vehicles, then the car comes back to pick them up. I have given the plate address and description to the police, and it was no suprise where it comes back to. I have been checking the crime maps, and it is clear that there is a "turf" these people operate in. I am tired of being a victim and the criminals having all the protections. Perhaps rather than the city focusing there efforts on "revenue generation" and "contacts" by focusing half its officers on radar, maybe we need to focus on patrolling areas so officers get to "know" what vehicles and people do and do not belong. If you see someone clearly speeding, go ahead and still cite them, but the focus needs to be on preventing crime and protecting the public. To focus so much of the cities assets on the victimless crime of speeding and not dealing with the actual crimes is a waste and people of this town are losing patience.

December 01, 2011 1:03 PM  

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