Saturday, July 07, 2012

Oshkosh Public Library to use automated phone calls for customer notices

Starting in July, the Oshkosh Public Library will begin contacting library users via automated telephone calls when items are overdue or materials on hold are ready for pickup.

Currently, notices are mailed to customers’ homes or sent out by e-mail. The automated phone calls will replace notices mailed to customers’ homes. Library users who currently receive notices via U.S. mail can sign up for e-mail notices by adding an e-mail address to the Your Account page at, by calling 236-5203, or by stopping at the first floor Customer Service Desk at the library.
The change to phone call notices is expected to save the library several thousand dollars in postage costs annually. To ensure that they continue to receive notices about overdue items and holds, library users who choose not to be notified by e-mail should confirm that their phone number is correct in the library’s records. The number can be checked on the Your Account feature at, by calling 236-5203 or by stopping at the first floor Customer Service Desk at the library.

Oshkosh Public Library offers e-mail notices as a convenience to customers, to help them efficiently manage their library use. E-mail notices are sent:

  • Three days before items are due
  • When holds are ready for pickup
  • When it is time to update a library card
  • When items are three days overdue

For more information about this and other library services call 236-5203 or visit


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