Friday, January 18, 2019

Changes to OPD's Non Emergency Phone Service

Effective February 1st, callers will notice a change to the Oshkosh Police Department’s non-emergency phone service.
By making this change to the phone service, we anticipate less wait time when calling the police department, thus creating better customer service and improve efficiency. Callers will be able to immediately choose the appropriate division that they need to speak with.
When citizens call the front desk of the police department (920) 236-5700, instead of speaking directly to an operator, they will be prompted to make a selection from several options listed.
These options include a selection for:
-requesting a copy of a police incident report, accident report, or other open records requests
-matters relating to parking
-scheduling an appointment for the release of property being held in evidence
-file a police report/speak to a patrol officer
-speak with an officer in the Criminal Investigation Division: Vice and Narcotics Unit, School Resource Officer or Detective


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