Monday, February 07, 2005

Five River Resort’s project

Contributed by: Anonymous
The editorial cartoon in this morning's Northwestern was cute, making it seem like we need to take a chance on this new $62 million project. This includes a condominium/ hotel and a indoor water park. So I guess we're not looking at this closely. We already have a luxury apartment buiding close to the riverfront that's only 60% full, and the real estate on the first floor is still empty, so more condominiums should do the trick!

Is it just me, but the only people that can afford those apartments are already living there, meaning no one else in this city can. And rumor is there is a low income housing shortage in this city, so lets build some condoniniums! Are we Oshkosh, or are trying to be Milwaukee here?

And this project might include a hotel, that will only be full for 2 weeks a year and that's in late July/early August. Park Plaza isn't drawing well, so why would this one? A possible solution is a convention center next to it, and that way we can get conventions down here and people will thus fill up the hotel.

Well, has anyone thought that Oshkosh has been doing nothing for so long about our own convention center that it's too late in the game to get involved? With the KI center, Resch center, Shopko hall, and Brown County Arena basically taking would be business away from us for years, shouldn't we kinda look at different things?

Not to get off subject, but the same thing could be said about the Grand Opera House. The big name acts are going to the Wiedner Center and the new Performance Arts Center while we get little known acts and thus don't draw well. We should be thinking about pulling the plug there too.

And then there's an indoor water park. Sounds nice with Pollock pool closed, but I'm sure this will be a private project and thus may cost a little more to get in. Might as well go to the YMCA.

I'm not opposed to doing something about the riverfront. It was brought up at the Rotary Club debate last night that the city is supposed to own like 30 feet of space from the river back, so why can't we just develop that first and worry about big expensive projects later? A nice bike path for people to jog on or whatever could bring people down and we can work from that.