Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Mayor's Race

Contributed by: Jim B.
It is a good thing that the new mayor will not have anymore power than the other council members. It is ashame we will start this new political era in Oshkosh with one of two lousy candidates. I am struggling whether to even cast a vote in this race. I find neither candidate capable of representing our city as it should be in our current state of affairs.

Paul Esslinger always seems so negative about every issue. Watching him at the last council meeting call out Mark Harris on the concession/promotion debate of the Leach Ampitheater was irresponsible and immature. This is not the guy I want representing Oshkosh to the world. I appreciate his fiscal responsibility stance, but I have heard very little from him on alternatives and solutions.

I still wonder why Bill Castle is even running for mayor. Rarely do you see him taking part in the "ribbon cutting" type events that this mayor position will have to do. He was originally in favor of keeping the "council picks" the mayor system. He runs his business by the old school approach of nepotism and old boys network. Obviously, he can run his private business as he sees fit, but do we want that kind of attitude as mayor of Oshkosh? I really don't think so at this crucial time.

I would be interested to hear other opinions on who really is the better candidate. I think Oshkosh deserves better!!!

Jim B.