Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shunning Facebook for more personal relationships

According to this article some people are choosing to shun Facebook - and for some very good reasons, in my opinion. Far too many people won't pick up the phone or send a card or letter anymore. Hell, some won't even send an email, so how bad is that? Everything seems to be texts or Facebook communication these days. Is Facebook and/or other social media a wonderful tool for business and other similar types of communications? Absolutely. Is Facebook convenient? Yes. Is it efficient because it reaches "the masses" in our lives all at once? Certainly. But in reality, how many of us have that many people in our lives that we can't share the more significant events in our private lives with people we care about in a more personal way? The very reasons behind Facebook's tremendous success are the same reasons that Facebook can be a little scary; not to mention can make one feel sad and frustrated at the same time. Maybe folks should make a New Year's resolution to actually try communicating with people in their lives in a more human, thoughtful, meaningful way in the coming year. Wouldn't that be something?! Don't our friends deserve something more personal? Something they'll hopefully remember for some time? Mine do. What about yours?

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