Thursday, October 18, 2012

Here's why veterans should vote for President Obama

Veterans faithfully serve their country and deserve to return home to futures of opportunity, security and respect.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan won’t honor America’s promise to veterans.

Romney suggested partially privatizing the Veterans Administration, giving coupons to veterans instead of providing them the coverage America promised. (ABC News, 11/11/11)

The brutal Romney-Ryan budget would slash funding for veterans’ services -- health care, education, job training -- by $11 billion. (MSNBC, 3/23/12)

In Congress, Paul Ryan voted against expanding the G.I. Bill to cover the increased number of veterans returning from service in Iraq and Afghanistan. (H.R. 2642, Vote 330, 5/15/08)

Veterans deserve better than Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s slash and burn approach to services.

Barack Obama will keep our promise to America’s veterans and work to ensure that everyone who fights for our country comes home to opportunity.

•    The President’s Veterans Jobs Corps program will provide tens of thousands of good-paying jobs for veterans.  (Los Angeles Times, 9/11/12)
 •    Obama signed a law to improve VA services, help end veteran homelessness and protect the dignity of military funerals.  (UPI, 8/6/12)
•    Obama’s Joining Forces initiative has helped more than 125,000 veterans and spouses transition to good civilian jobs.  (Army Times, 8/22/12)

Your union has done the research and believes Barack Obama is the best choice for working families. Support candidates who support America’s heroes. Support Barack Obama, President of the United States.  Report to the polls and vote on November 6.

In Solidarity,

Union Veterans Council, AFL-CIO


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