Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Former mayoral candidate in the dark on major issues

It is perhaps a good thing that Mark Madison was not given the nod in last month's primary.

His recent letter to the editor of the Oshkosh Northwestern about the delay in voting on a management group for the amphitheater makes it clear that he jumps to conclusions and doesn't have all his facts straight. He even suggested there was a vote by councilman Brian Poeschl. Perhaps Mr. Madison hasn't followed city politics long enough to know who Brian Poeschl actually is. But for the record, Mr. Poeschl was not even in attendance at the meeting when the vote to lay over the decision for two weeks was made.

Moreover, Mr. Madison's apparent belief that a council member should not have been on the selection committee for a promoter of the bandshell events tells me he STILL is not paying close enough attention to city issues. Even at least one of the "Cobblestoners'" opponents believes the committee should have had council member representation. It's called "taking a leadership role" and being both involved and responsible. But apparently those things aren't important to Mark Madison, unless of course he would have become mayor. Then they might be. He'd probably even have appointed himself to the committee.

Oshkosh voters made the right choice by not choosing him. Not every person knows every little thing about every issue, but we surely cannot afford to have someone in office who does not have the major details and facts on the major issues.

Cheryl Hentz