Wednesday, March 09, 2005

PMI Vs. Supple

Contributed by: Jim B.

Congratulations to the council on their decision last night! I am not sure why it was delayed, but I believe the right decision was made. This is an exciting time for Oshkosh, and I hope we make the best of it. This "locals only" approach from the Supple's is shortsighted and would be a disservice to the potential of this sweet venue. Weddings, reunions, etc. are not going to be what makes this venue successful!

As a sidenote, how about big props to the nice lady(didnt catch her name) from Adams St. at the public comments part of the meeting. Sandwiched between Ken "profanity laced" Bender and Gordon"off the deep end" Doule, very eloquently spoke about these obsessed people that get up and spout for 5 minutes incoherently. We are all for free speech, but these few people do not seem to have any regard for decorum or respect.

Jim B.