Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Family Pet Expo Returns to Oshkosh - Celebrating Pets and Animals From Around the World!

Contact: Victoria Frank
Company: Big Dogz Promotions LLC
Phone: 920.203.2983
Email: bigdogzllc@yahoo.com

Pet and animal enthusiasts from all over Northeast Wisconsin will make their annual stop at the Family Pet Expo on March 15 and 16 at the Sunnyview Expo Center in Oshkosh.

Thousands of people gather annually for this fantastic weekend of fun, shopping, and constant entertainment focused on the celebration of the bond between pets and people. Area rescue organizations will exhibit and educate on pets available for adoption. Petting Zoo from Glacier Ridge Animal Farm will offer a unique opportunity for pictures with their camel. Fabulous shopping for the latest and greatest pet gear from dozens of exhibitors and pet professionals will ensure that you find that special item you have been looking for!

Each year people have an opportunity to learn about resources available to enhance their lives with their pets.

From educational reptile exhibits from Age of Reptiles featuring Dr. Ed Stone, DVM of Madison to learning about rainforest creatures from Nature’s Niche there will be something for everyone. People of all ages are welcome.

Saturday, March 15 will feature an exhibit of Pure Breed Cats courtesy of the Titletown Cat Fanciers Club, Button and Friends; a trained dog to perform tricks, pet communicator Faye Pietrowsky of Inner Design and K9 police officer training. Agility demonstrations will be performed as well.

Sunday March 16 features a Westminster style pure breed dog presentation where people will learn about the temperament and features of dozens of pure breed dogs. Nature’s Niche will do a presentation on the effects of our environment on rainforest creatures during their Creature Teachers program.

A full listing of special presentations can be found by logging onto www.oshkoshpetexpo.com

This is a great group event. Bus Parking is available.

The Family Pet Expo is an affordable and fun way to spend a weekend!

“The Family Pet Expo is a great experience for anyone who owns a pet or appreciates the animal kingdom. Our goal is to send everyone home with a little more respect and appreciation for pets and animals. You don’t want to miss this event – bring the entire family for a ton of fun!”

- Vickie Frank, Big Dogz Promotions –event organizer.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Voters have chance to see District 14 candidates on Eye on Oshkosh

Following is what appears to be
a press release
on the Oshkosh Community News Network’s blog…

“The Oshkosh Area League of Women Voters will hold two separate candidates’ forums before the February 19th primary election.

“A forum for the six Oshkosh Area School Board candidates is set for Thursday, February 7, 6:30 to 7:30 in the Oshkosh City Council Chambers, 4th floor City Hall.

“The six candidates are incumbents Tom McDermott and Ben Schneider II. The challengers are John Daggett, Kevin Jahnke, John Lemberger and Michele Monte. Panel members are Jim Fitzhenry, managing editor of the Oshkosh Northwestern and Frankie Mengeling, vice-president Oshkosh Area LWV. This forum will be broadcast on Oshkosh Community Access Television CitiCable 10 and simulcast by WOCT 101.9 FM, Oshkosh Community Radio.

“The other forum centers on a primary race for County Board District 14. The reduction of the county board from 38 to 36 districts has put two incumbents, Donna Lohry and Claude (sic) (it's actually Claud) Thompson vying for this newly created district. Their challenger, a former county board member, is Harold Steinike (sic) (it's actually Steineke). To see the outline of this district go to http://www.co.winnebago.wi.us/, click on “election information” and then “supervisory district maps.”

“This forum is set for Monday, February 4 at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, 1100 E. Murdock Avenue. From 5:30 to 6:30. Panel members are Alex Hummel, editorial editor for the Oshkosh Northwestern and Frankie Mengeling, vice-president Oshkosh Area LWV. This forum will not broadcast.

“The public is invited to attend these forums. They submit questions for the candidates in person at the forum or electronically to fgmem@sbcglobal.net.

“The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan, political organization; one of its main goals is to provide election forums to increase voter awareness of issues.”

I believe it is a poor decision on the part of whoever made it to not televise the forum with candidates for District 14. In an age when so many are clamoring for candidates to run for office and for an organization for which one of its main goals is to “provide election forums to increase voter awareness of issues” it seems the League would want to televise all its forums. In any event, I am proud to say we have already taped an episode of “Eye on Oshkosh” with the three candidates for District 14 and it will air three times before the primary, beginning the week of Monday, Feb. 4. Given that the League’s forum not being televised, it seems like this will be the best chance for the largest number of voters in that district to see these candidates and hear their positions on the issues. We also hope to interview county board candidates in other contested races in our viewing area before the general election in April.

As an aside, I will tell you that while there are some fundamental differences between the candidates, they are all extremely thoughtful in their approach to issues and sincerely respectful of one another - something rarely seen in politics these days. If I lived in District 14 I would be honored to have any one of them representing me.

- Cheryl Hentz

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Noontime Web video revitalizes lunch at desk

In cubicles across the country, lunchtime has become the new prime time, as workers click aside their spreadsheets to watch videos on YouTube, news highlights on CNN.com, or other Web offerings. According to this article in the New York Times, the trend — part of a broader phenomenon known as video snacking — is turning into a growth business for news and media companies, which are feeding the lunch crowd more fresh content.

Meantime, “Big Think” – kind of a YouTube for ideas – has been launched. It mixes interviews with public intellectuals from a variety of fields, from politics and law to business, allowing users to engage in debates on issues such as global warming and the two-party system. It plans to add new features as it goes along, including a Facebook-like application for social networking. Read how Big Think came about in this piece from the New York Times.

Military man blogs about his own death

Andrew Olmsted, a United States Army major who wrote an online blog for The Rocky Mountain News, prepared for the possibility of his death by writing a 3,000-word-piece. "I'm dead," he wrote in July 2007 as he arrived in Iraq for an 18-month tour of duty. "But if you're reading this, you're not, so take a moment to enjoy that happy fact." During his time in Iraq he continued editing the piece and, according to this article in the New York Times asked a friend to see that it got published in the event of his death. "The news is devastating," said Rocky Mountain News editor John Temple. "The major was a brave man who obviously thrived on sharing his experiences and thoughts on his blog. He provided a perspective on Iraq that would have been impossible for a journalist." Major Olmstead's final post is a must read, no matter what your position is on the war.