Thursday, March 07, 2013

Former school board member throws hat in ring for Oshkosh Common Council

[the following was submitted to us by Karen Bowen]
Hello, friends and family,

Everyone I talk to agrees that, in addition to the two incumbents running for the three open seats on the Oshkosh Common Council, a third good choice is needed. I didn’t feel that the three gentlemen running as write-ins offered that, so a group of us prevailed upon a friend and colleague to become a write-in candidate, too. Now, we do have a better choice!

That choice is Teresa Thiel, former school board member and long-time community volunteer. Her intelligent and moderate approach will be the ticket to success for the city. She is smart, logical, and analytical. She reads carefully and attacks problems with zeal. She has important experience serving on boards, and currently is serving on the school district budget committee as an invited participant. She understands budget issues, and is a really good money manager herself. Both her education and background provide the expertise needed to analyze and utilize data to make informed decisions.

She believes in a community that works together to get results, and is concerned about quality of life issues in Oshkosh. She will work towards building stronger partnerships between the city, businesses, the school district and the university. Teresa Thiel will bring a fresh perspective to the council, proving once again to be an asset to our community.

What can you do to help elect Teresa? First, commit to write-in her name on the April 2nd ballot! Then, contribute to her campaign so that we can purchase signs and ads to let people know that there is an excellent choice for the third council seat this spring.

She will be participating in the League of Women Voters forum on Thursday, March 14th; attend in person, or watch on OCAT Channel 10, to see why I feel so strongly that she is the best choice for this office, and a great choice for Oshkosh.

You can also help by sending this email on to at least ten of your own contacts, and ask them to send it on to ten more people.

Remember that she is not running against either of the incumbents, but made the choice to run only after it was clear that the announced write-in candidates will not help our community move ahead.

Please send your contributions to me at 703 E. Irving Avenue. Checks can be made out to “Friends of Teresa Thiel for Council”.

Thank you, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Karen Bowen
Friends of Teresa Thiel for Council

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Tax forms available at Oshkosh Public Library

March 4, 2013 – State of Wisconsin and federal tax forms are available at the Oshkosh Public Library, including the first delivery of instruction booklets for the federal 1040 tax forms, which had been delayed.

Public libraries are one of the few locations besides regional offices of the Internal Revenue Service where taxpayers can obtain printed copies of state and federal tax forms free of charge.

OPL has also set up a page of tax-related resources at, including a list of forms and instructions available at the library, information about community tax assistance and filing options, and links to additional resources.

The public is encouraged to check the library web site or call 236-5205 to determine if the forms and instructions they need are available before visiting the library.