Friday, August 17, 2018

Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris visits Eye on Oshkosh - explains November referendum questions

On this episode host Cheryl Hentz spends the hour talking with Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris about a number of different things happening in Winnebago County. The first two issues are discussing two non-binding referendum questions that will appear on the November ballot. One has to do with developing a fair, equitable way of redistricting Wisconsin's electoral maps; the other proposes closing loopholes related to Dark Store legislation. Other topics covered during the hourlong show include mental health care, our prison situation, the county budget and the recently-unveiled new performance stage at the county's Sunnyview complex north of town. The show can be seen here or by clicking on the embedded link:

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Eye On Oshkosh - Suicide and Suicide Prevention - taped 8-2-18

Suicide is a major national public health issue in the United States.  For example, did you know that

in the U.S. one out of every 15 people are depressed, and each day approximately 123 people die by suicide? And each year the numbers keep going up. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. Each year 44,965 Americans die by suicide; for every suicide there are 25 attempts; and suicide

costs the U.S. $ 69 billion annually. Those are staggering numbers. To get into depth about suicide and suicide prevention, host Cheryl Hentz chats with Debbie Peters, executive director of Community for Hope and Patti Ahrens, a founding member of and the current treasurer for Community for Hope. They also discussed the group’s annual fundraiser – a Walk/Run in Menominee Park in Oshkosh – coming up on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018.  
If you are feeling depressed or know of someone who is, please reach out for some professional guidance. There are agencies and other resources available that can help. Remember: You are cared about and would be missed if you were not here.

The show can be seen here or by going to this link: