Friday, December 21, 2018

Eye On Oshkosh - Rental Housing and Economic Development - taped 12-20-18

The latest episode of Eye on Oshkosh is now online. During the hour-long conversation host Cheryl Hentz chats with Allen Davis, Community Development Director for the City of Oshkosh, and John Zarate, Chief Building Official, Inspection Services Division, also with the City of Oshkosh. They
discuss the city’s rental housing inspection program in detail and a variety of economic development projects that are either underway or in the proposal stage. 
If you’re curious about an area under construction, or concerned about safety issues in rental properties, or would just like to become better informed about what’s going on in the city, this is a show you don’t want to miss. Catch it here or by following this link:

Friday, December 07, 2018

Eye on Oshkosh - City Council members talk city issues - taped 12-6-18

Here is the latest episode of Eye on Oshkosh. During the hour-long show, host Cheryl Hentz talks with three city councilors – Deputy Mayor Lori Palmeri, Deb Allison-Aasby and Steve Herman – about community development projects currently being proposed, or which are already underway or in the works; what’s happening with Oshkosh Avenue and the rest of the Lakeshore Golf Course property not being used by Oshkosh Corp.; what our property tax bills have in store for us; ever-increasing water bills; snowplowing and the city policy on shoveling sidewalks; as well as other city-related topics.